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Legal Fee Structure ‐ 報酬体系 ‐



We will provide our services for reasonable legal fees about which we will provide detailed information and will obtain clear consent from our client(s) before taking up each case.

Our legal fee usually varies from case to case, however as general information, please refer to the chart below showing our fee rate standards.

Legal Consultation  ‐ 法律相談 ‐


Legal consultation will be provided for 10,000 JPY per hour, excluding tax.

Constant Legal Counsel  ‐ 法律顧問契約 ‐





To maintain and manage risks which may arise from day by day business operation, it is crucial to utilize outside legal counsel's knowledge and advice. Actually many companies have their "legal counsels" in this country, but the legal counsels of such many companies are not really active in their support to the clients in reality. We will be much more committed to our clients' business and provide our services in a proactive manner, which will significantly reduce risks our clients may be involved into serious legal troubles.

Our fee rate for being a constant legal counsel usually starts from 50,000 JPY per month, depending on the business size and the role we play for our client.

Hourly Charge  ‐ タイムチャージ ‐





We usually take up cases on hourly charge basis, which is 40,000 JPY per hour.

However, for the clients who have constant legal counsel agreement with us, our hourly charge will be discounted to 30,000 JPY per hour.

In case you have anxiety that total fee might skyrocket because of the nature of your case, we will be happy to arrange to set a reasonable cap on the total fee for a certain period so that you can see and feel comfortable about the maximum legal fee that may arise from your case.

Dispute Resolution  ‐ 訴訟代理・法的紛争解決 ‐


経済的利益の額 : 着手金・報酬金の額

  • 3000万円以下 : 経済的利益額の10%及び20% ※最低着手金額は40万円~

  • 3000万円を超え3億円以下の部分 : 経済的利益額の8%及び15%

  • 3億円を超える部分 : 経済的利益額の5%及び10%  

To handle cases of dispute resolution including representing clients in law suits, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution process, our legal fee will be determined on the basis of the economic interest concerned in the subject of the disputes as following formula:

Amount of Economic Interest Concerned: Retainer and Contingent Fee

  • The Amount Not Exceeding​​​ 30 Million JPY: 10% and 20% of Economic Interest Concerned.

  • The Part Exceeding 30 Million JPY but Not Exceeding 300 Million JPY:
                                                               8% and 15% of Economic Interest Concerned.

  • The Part Exceeding 300 Million JPY: 5% and 10% of Economic Interest Concerned.

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